Thrills, Whimsy, and Nostalgia of Amusement Parks

One of the [very few] joys of downsizing is finding things we may have forgotten. Recently, I unearthed the treasure of old home movies. Most were recorded in the 1950s, some before I was born, some after. In the middle of random clips, I found a few moments from Kiddieland, a much loved childhood destination. Watching those movies really tugged at my heartstrings, but also piqued my curiosity about amusement parks in general. The result is this video that explores the history of amusement parks in the United States, with wonderful period photos and film clips from Coney Island and, of course, Kiddieland.

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  1. Ann Ehler says:

    Great job, Gail! Very interesting. The Chicago World’s fair is one of Craig’s favorite.

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