The Great Push to the Finish Line of the 1912 Indy 500

Step back in time to the early days of motorsports with this surprising story highlighting the legendary 1912 Indianapolis 500 race. Featuring vintage photographs and rare glimpses into the past, this video takes you on a thrilling journey to the very unexpected conclusion of one of the most iconic events in racing history.

In this video, you will learn about the astonishing racetrack records set on May 30, 1912, that were held for 75 years, 99 years, and one that is still held today! Experience the excitement of the race as early racecars compete for glory on the historic Brickyard track. Hear the stories of these pioneering automobiles as they navigate the challenging corners and straightaways of the track, pushing the limits of technology and human endurance. Immerse yourself in the drama and intensity of the race, from the heart-pounding start to the nail-biting and surprising finish.

Don’t miss out on this remarkable piece of automotive history as we take you on a journey through time to relive the thrills and excitement of the 1912 Indianapolis 500! Join us as we celebrate the pioneers of motorsports and the unforgettable moments that shaped the course of racing history.

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  1. Debbie Phillips says:

    Good story. My favorite part was when the team ate chicken in the race car.

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