1. Deb Dyer says:

    You are an inspiration Gail.

  2. Most of us are surprised when we hear a recording of our own voice, which doesn’t sound like what we hear inside our own heads. Your speech sounds much clearer than you realize. Sure, I hear a little something different in your sibilant consonants (blame the good Sisters of Providence at St. Joe’s for me knowing about that), especially leading sibilants, but your vowels are perfectly clear. Your speech reflects your experience in public speaking. Sure, work on the sibilants, but please stop thinking right now that we can’t understand your every word.

  3. Kae Berry says:

    Sista! You sound perfect to me!🥰🙏

  4. Glen says:

    Gail, you definitely sound stronger vocally, and I’ve no doubt the speech therapy will only add to improving your vocals. I believe you’ve made the right decision and do enjoy your historical videos a lot. Hearing a voice of someone I admired from over a full century ago, inspires me, as we continue our daily fight for the better, at home, and nationally. God’s continued blessings to you! Happy 2023!

  5. Sharon Crawford says:

    You sound great! You stood strong with God at your side! Not to forget the outpouring of love and kindness from family and friends! May you continue on this much welcomed path of recovery and know that you will be continually in our thoughts and prayers. God bless you 🙏 Love you my friend!

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