The UPDATED Audio Version is here!

Many viewers and subscribers to the History Heights YouTube channel requested another version of the recording of Cody’s voice with “cleaned-up” audio. One of our viewers graciously did the work on this and sent me this version. (Thank you, Mark!)

I truly think both versions have merit and things to teach us. Take the time to listen to both and consider their value.

To learn more about William F. “Buffalo Bill” Cody, click the image below to take a look at this History Heights eBook.

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  1. My Drama 101 professor taught us that “The first convention of the theater is the suspension of disbelief.” Similarly, the first convention of historic recordings is to use our minds to eliminate, for example, the hiss and pop of 78 RPM records. It’s like listening to a radio program, we “see” the characters in our minds, and a black and white movie where Norman Shearer’s character tells us her dress is pink, in the 1939 film, “The Women.” Many 78s have never been transferred to CD (and LP transfers have a problem), so we have no other way to hear the great Enrico Caruso. One last word about the surface noise from 78s, my brother was given a new old stock album of Victor Red Seal 12″ 78s, and it has NO surface noise since it was never played by a steel needle.

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