There will be a second surgery

Today brought *not great news* but it truly could be worse. A second surgery is required to remove more tissue from the underside of my tongue. This surgery will result in additional (and more substantial) speech impairment, which will be permanent. This is mostly due to the location of the section to be removed. Additionally, the challenges I am having with swallowing are likely permanent, too. If so, I’m looking at pureed foods from here on out. (Bummer!) The incision on my neck from the sentinel node biopsy continues to give me great pain and swelling. In time, it should subside.

The plan is to go ahead and schedule the surgery, but also get a second opinion to be sure nothing *else* was missed. Radiation and chemo are also off the table for now, but are in reserve for the real possibility this cancer will show up again. The surgeon was very clear that, due to the head and neck involvement, we would only get one shot at radiation therapy, so I am opting to hold that in reserve for now.

The good news is that surgery is still the preferred action for this type and stage of cancer, and no tongue reconstruction is needed at this time.

The best news of all is that treatment is even possible, and I still have every intention of being around to attend the wedding of all of my grandkids. We continue to give God thanks and praise for His guidance and protection.


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    Your faith inspires all who read this, Gail. I will continue my thankful prayers for you and all who help in your healing.

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