We Are Not Done Yet

As predicted by friends and medical professionals, 10 days post-op I started to feel a little more like my “old self.” That was yesterday.

Today, I received news that two of the margins were not clear, and that additional surgery to remove more of the tongue will be needed. Laura and I will be meeting with the surgeon on Tuesday to discuss the expected outcomes and extent of surgery #2.

Continue those prayers, please.


  1. Kim says:

    Praying for you always Gail. You’re on my mind and in my heart! I feel positive for you! It’s going to be fine!

  2. Glen says:

    Will do, Gail. I am happy they’re being careful, and will pray for them, as well. Blessings to you. Glen

  3. Ann Riggs says:

    Prayers continue, absolutely.

  4. Peg Frushour says:

    You are still in our prayers, Gail!

  5. Marc Strand says:

    Praying. And praying and praying!

  6. Bonnie Rose says:

    Gail, I’m so sorry. Continuing to lift you up in prayer.

  7. Terra says:

    Oh, Gail, We are so sorry. Our love and prayers continue.

  8. Mary Orr says:

    Continuing prayers for you and your doctors, as well as for Laura and for John! ❤️❤️❤️

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