One Week Post-Op

When a patient goes for a one week post-op follow up visit and there isn’t a lot to report, I suspect that is a very good thing. In this case, a lack of news is what we got. Everything “looks good” and is healing as it should. I’m still miserable, on liquids only, frustratingly weak, but doing well. The sutures were removed from my neck, then fresh steri-strips were placed over the incision. The tongue and floor of mouth sutures are still in place, and I would be happy if they would just go ahead and get absorbed. Today. Like right now. Immediately. Seriously.

I asked Laura to take a picture of my neck incision site and she did. It is important to me to document this journey, but I will spare you that image. Instead, I’ll share a happier picture. After we left the doctor’s office, smoothies were the treat for the day. I see many more smoothies in my future whenever I’m in Peoria for whatever reason. It was wonderful!

What’s coming up: There is a possibility that by the end of the week I may have the final pathology report and a treatment plan. And that of course, suggests that I might not have it by the end of the week, either, but it will happen soon.

And so, for now, we wait and pray.


  1. Ann Riggs says:

    And so will I. Waiting and praying. Oh, so thankful that healing has begun and that smoothies bring comfort and joy.

  2. Sonia craig says:

    Waiting and praying, with you and for you. Sonia

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