Pajama Pants

Four pairs of pajama pants
My daughter gave to me.
People wear them everywhere,
But that is them, not me.

And then just six short days ago
I tried those flannels on.
Oh, the comfort! Oh, the joy!
My fashion sense was gone.

I wore them for the car ride home
From surgery. Then since,
The only time they’re not on me
Is during wash (cold rinse).

Tomorrow, when the sun comes up,
I have to venture out.
Should I wear pajama pants?
Of course, without a doubt!


  1. Sonia Craig says:

    Love it! The poem and the pajama pants in public post.

  2. carrotcakeman says:

    I’ve made a habit of wearing flannel pajama bottoms in the winter, and I wore out the polar bear pants as well as the “fish pants” (fish pattern) I so loved, but such patterns are hard to find now. I did order a pair of plain black and white plaid cotton flannel pajama pants the other day.

  3. Debbie Phillips says:

    Cute! Oh the joy of comfy clothes!

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