Finding the Fun in History Class

Nuggets of history teaching gold await you in this on-demand video course for educators (homeschool or classroom). This isn’t a simplified list of how to make history fun. It is a course about exploring and discovering resources and ideas that are already a part of history so that your classes will be fun and engaging for students of all ages.

Click HERE (or the picture below) to learn more and purchase this course.


  1. Glenn Peleti says:

    A great, fun way of learning, Gail. History opens the door to learning who we are, and how our world is, all around us Brings meaning into our lives. Great presentation.

    1. Gail Masinda says:

      Thank you! I love learning history. And I love teaching it, too. Watching someone’s eye get wide when they are fascinated by a story, or break into a grin when they “get it” are just some of the best feelings for a teacher.

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