Copyrights, Public Domain, and Fair Use

This may not be a topic every one wants to learn, but it is important that they do. Violating copyright laws can have serious consequences for students and parents. Flowcharts and resource pages teach the basics of United States copyright for middle school and up, including product creators. Printable charts make reference fun and very easy. This lesson is ideal for writing reports or research projects, but also for anyone of any age wishing to create in the media, such as printables, film, or crafts. There’s no “pencil work” in this 13-page lesson, but you will refer to the material over and over again.

Great for educators
  • No prep, open-and-go. Convenient for busy teachers, subs, and homeschool
  • Easily adapted to students of different ages and abilities (including public school and homeschool environments)
  • All the research and organization is done for you
  • Terrific for discussion starters
Great for Students
  • Lesson is long enough to cover the topic, but short enough to hold interest
  • Can be used with or without teacher supervision
  • Very important information for student life and beyond