Mini-Course: How Do Organ Pipes Work?

“Why are there so many pipes?”

“But how come you sit over here and the sound comes out over there?”

“Why are those pipes so big?”

“Why are those pipes so tiny?”

“Why are some of the pipes made from metal and others are made from wood?”

“How long do pipes last?”

Right after the wide-eyed “Wow!” when folks first see a pipe organ, I am asked a lot of questions about how the pipe organ actually works. The entire pipe organ is an incredibly complex machine, yet the pipes that produce the sound are quite simple.

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Each pipe, individually, is an interesting example of the science of sound, but when we hear all of the pipes together, the result is amazing. That is a lot like our time together here on earth, isn’t it? The things we can accomplish when we work together are truly amazing.

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