The Story of Historical Markers

Whether you are traveling across town or across the country, or simply exploring some virtual travel, you will enjoy the surprising story behind historical markers and what goes into creating each and every one of them.

We’ll see how the wording on the markers has changed through the years, and discover the challenges facing historians when creating a marker. Activities include creating a journal of the markers you find and designing your own historical marker following the guidelines required by many marker sponsors. Even if your travel is mostly of the armchair variety (like mine!) you’ll enjoy this look into historical markers.

As with all Maestro Heights eBooks, The Story of Historical Markers is in PDF format and works with any PDF-compatible device. Minimum reading skills of late elementary are best for solo reading, but all ages will enjoy this as a read-aloud story.

Would you like to look inside the book? Here you go!

You’ll be ready for National Historic Marker Day, too. It’s celebrated on the last Friday of April each year!!