John Chapman, Beyond the Legend of Johnny Appleseed

True or false: Johnny Appleseed was a real person.

Well, the answer is both. It is true there was a man who was called Johnny Appleseed, but his real name was John Chapman. It is false because the story of Johnny Appleseed has grown into a legend, and in some important ways that legend is quite different than the life of John Chapman.

In this Maestro Heights video course, we will look at both the man and the legend. Using fun videos and activities, we’ll discover fascinating facts about the intelligent, eccentric, and memorable John Chapman.

Downloadable resource guides (ebooks) are included for the students and educator. Actually, everything you need is included except for the apples!

Click the image below to learn more Johnny Appleseed and John Chapman.

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  1. carrotcakeman says:

    Michael Pollan discusses Johnny Appleseed in his book, “The Botany of Desire.”

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