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Looking for ways to make history more fun and engaging?

Is history class a challenge for you or your students? Join me for a fast-paced look at Top 10 Tips to make history class fun and memorable. In many years of presenting living history portrayals, I’ve discovered a lot of ways to make history fun and engaging. I’ll be sharing my “Top 10 History Tips” with you.

When: Friday, May 21, 1:00PM (Central)

Where: Maestro Heights Community Center (on Facebook)

Cost: free through May 31 ($25 value)

To be a part of this **free** webinar:
1. Head over to the Maestro Heights Community Center (a private Facebook group) and sign up. It’s free, too. 😉 Use Coupon Code 2105TAWB. Want more for free? After you join, comment “Top 10 History Tips” in the group and I will send a free PDF to your email. If you miss the webinar, no worries. It will be available for replay in the Maestro Heights Community Center through May 31. Beginning June 1, it will only be available as part of our paid curriculum.

For over 10 years, I’ve been presenting living history portrayals to public and private schools, colleges, church groups, reenactments, as well as local, state, and national conventions. Through those experiences, I have discovered a lot of ways to make history fun and engaging. I’m excited to be sharing some of them with you!

I’m Gail Masinda, your teacher and host. The picture in the circle is how I look most of the time. 😉

This is Mary Allen West. She is the remarkable woman I portray. Contact me for more information about how to have Miss West attend your event.

Gail Masinda as Mary Allen West