The Organ

These links have been selected to provide additional visual and audio support for the lesson units found in the Maestro Heights Museum Exhibit:  The Organ.  The link to each available printable lesson is below its title.  Since there are several study units in this series,  the links are organized according to the Maestro Heights title. The page number refers to the location of the topic within the printed materials.

Although these videos are fascinating on their own, they are used to demonstrate specific topics presented in the printed lesson or are required to successfully complete one of the lesson projects.  Only the projects that need videos are listed below.  The remainder of the projects relies on content presented within the printed materials.

The Notre Dame Cathedral Paris Pipe Organ

The printable lesson is available here.

The Features of the Pipe Organ

Project 2

The History of the Pipe Organ

The printable lesson is available here.



Bonus videos, just for fun
1442, Rysum, Germany
1774, Italian Positive in Roccavione, Cuneo, Italy

The Sounds of the Pipe Organ

Windchest (and also shows electro-pneumatic action): Wind chest

Hand pumped Bellows:  Hand pumped bellows

Bonus videos
Wonderful overview (or review!)