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Maestro Heights is charmingly brilliant! Beautifully illustrated ebook with curated video &  photographs to dig deeper. Plus activities to go along with it all!~Deven, Alabama

  “These eBook units are like taking a field trip to a museum and library with hands-on learning activities included.” ~Amy, Michigan

“So glad that I became a member of the Maestro Heights ebook club!!! It’s wonderful to have a wholesome site that I can share with my grandsons!!Every month we have a new ebook filled with captivating stories and amazing facts and quite frankly, I’ve been learning as much as they have!!” ~Lesley, Illinois


This is the important story of when President Theodore Roosevelt invited his friend Booker T. Washington to dinner at the White House. Neither one of them expected the fallout that followed. Composer Scott Joplin has an important (and surprising!) role in the story, too.


We’ve seen photos of Abraham Lincoln without a beard and other photos of Lincoln with a beard. In this eBook, you will discover the heartwarming story of why Lincoln decided to grow a beard, and what others thought about the idea.


It was 1858. The race for the Illinois seat in the United States Senate was between Republican Abraham Lincoln and the incumbent Democrat Stephen Douglas. This eBook tells the story of their fifth great debate, held on October 7.


Whether your road trips are across town or across the country, you have seen historical markers along the roadside. Learn how the wording on the markers has changed through the years, and discover the challenges facing historians when creating a marker. Activities include creating a journal of the markers you find and designing your own historical marker.


The stories we typically hear about the American Old West are a confusing mix of fact and fiction. In this entertaining and informative eBook, you’ll learn about the true challenges of stagecoach travel through colorful graphics, historic photographs, and engaging nonfiction text. The Story of Stagecoaches is written in a conversational Q&A format that also works beautifully as a read-aloud book.


What is the connection between an electric clock that doesn’t tick, a device to watch a movie in 3-D, a card table that shuffles the cards for you, and a musical instrument? Learn the true story of the mischievous boy who followed his dream to become an “independent inventor” with over 100 patents. Heartwarming, positive, and inspirational (and pretty funny at times), follow along as Hammond demonstrates creativity, tenacity, and hard work to reach his goals.


Ready to start piano lessons? Looking for a keyboard but don’t know what to get? This short, concise eBook will answer all your fundamental questions about what things you need on a keyboard and why you need them!


The zipper might seem like just another common item around the house, but the story behind it has a lot of surprises. You’ll love reading how the zipper got its name, and you will be really glad we don’t use the original name for the zipper anymore! Detailed notes for the educator and answer key are included.


The USS Mongolia was launched in 1903 as an ocean-going passenger steamship, but in World War I, she was transformed into an important transport ship for supplies and troops. Filled with amazing facts and photos, this story helps readers understand the perils of transatlantic travel during World War I, for both troops and civilians. Learn about the crazy paint job, the massive engines, the dangers, and the victories.


The story of America is more than a timeline in a history book. It is the story of millions of families over hundreds of years and thousands of miles. It is the story of YOU. While learning the basics of genealogical research, students of all ages will incorporate the important story of their own family with significant historic events which may have impacted and influenced their family. This is a course that your family can do together!


It was the 1770s, and the Daughters of Liberty were determined to make their political viewpoints clearly understood. With this lesson, your students will discover what they did and how they did it.

The main story is cleverly presented using narrated storyboards. Students who might find history a bit boring, or those who are reluctant readers, will find this format especially helpful and engaging. All other videos are “live-action”.


It is important for students, educators, adults, and creators of all ages to understand the basics of the United States Copyright laws. Not a legal discourse, but this basic overview clearly explains a difficult topic using flowcharts and resource pages for middle school and up. A very special video interview (42 minutes!) further explains copyright rules in an easy-to-understand way.


Many people find history a difficult subject to teach. Some are just looking for a new way to approach an old topic. Whatever your challenge is, let me help! In this series of exclusive videos, you will learn a variety of tips, tricks, and techniques to find the fun in history class. These are time-tested, proven winners that can help turn history class into the favorite subject of the school day. For classroom and homeschool teachers of students in any grade.


The Pony Express was a 1,900-mile horse and rider relay that stretched from St. Joseph, Missouri to Sacramento, California. In this course, we take a close look at the route itself, a route that pony riders covered in just 10 days. 

In The Pony Express Virtual Ride, you will explore one of the most exciting events in American history. If you have a device with internet access, and an optional printer and pencil, once you purchase this course you will have EVERYTHING you need.  


In 1858, the race for the Illinois seat of the United States Senate was between Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas.  They held a series of seven debates throughout the state, but the fifth one is considered by many scholars to be the turning point in Lincoln’s political career.


George Washington Gale Ferris, Jr. was the designer of the Wheel that bears his name, but there is much more to his story than that. The story of George’s life is told using nonfiction reading texts, cartoon-style graphics and is supported by primary source photographs and documents. You will learn of the triumphs and tragedies of his short life.


The original Ferris wheel made its debut in 1893 at the Columbian Exposition (Chicago World’s Fair). The story of the construction of the Ferris Wheel is told using nonfiction reading texts supported by primary source documents and photographs. Filled with amazing facts, the reader will be surprised at the story of the building and the ultimate fate of the Ferris Wheel.


Even those who do not recognize the name are familiar with the music. With this eBook, you will become familiar with this important American composer by listening to his greatest hits. This does not contain a full biography (Maestro Heights has other eBooks for that!) but it is a great introduction and overview, or helpful when a quick review is needed. Detailed notes for the educator and answer key are included. Help students gain an appreciation for the “King of Ragtime,” Scott Joplin.


Most of us are familiar with the legend of Johnny Appleseed but in this course, we take a closer look at the man behind the legend, John Chapman. His life was truly extraordinary!

The story of John Chapman is presented using a variety of videos and activities.