The Story of the Pipe Organ

It’s the story of one of the oldest instruments and, until relatively recently, the mankind’s most complex machine.

Grade Levels: This course is for middle and high school age students. For classroom, homeschool or music studio (be sure you have the correct license for your use).

Printable: The Story of the Pipe Organ

Mini-Course duration: Four sessions of 20-45 minutes each, but allow extra time for some videos.

Session 1

Lesson page 1

Performance on a reproduction hydraulis

Animation of the hydraulis (sound begins around 2:15)

Contemporary performance on a hydraulis

Archaelogical Museum of Dion, Greece

Lesson page 2

A performance on a modern replica of the medieval Portative Organ

A modern replica of the medieval portative organ with hand operated bellows

Session 2

Lesson page 4

Swell shutters on a large modern organ

Swell shutters and expression on the organ

Project – Watch It, Part 1

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Session 3

Lesson page 5

The oldest playable organ in the world

Lesson page 6

Model of a tracker action

A tracker action, pedal division

Session 4

Electro-pneumatic action

Lesson page 7

Project – Watch It, Part 2

Video 4

Video 5

Video 6

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