The Strenuous Life of Scott Joplin


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This amazing map of Texarkana from 1888 shows what the town was like when the Joplins were there. Florence worked for a family who lived in the 600 block of Hazel. The neighborhood was integrated with blacks on one side of the street and whites on the other. Houses on the white side are bigger and some have servant quarters in the rear.

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The Scott Joplin House State Historic Site is a marvelous place to learn more about Joplin. Take a road trip or make a virtual visit!

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Joplin’s daughter is buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Hillsdale, St. Louis County, Missouri.

Sedalia (Missouri) Weekly Conservator, August 22, 1903

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Obituary of Freddie Alexander Joplin

Sedalia (Missouri) Weekly Conservator, September 16, 1904

It is possible that her remains might have been moved to the Crown Hill Cemetery in Sedalia, Missouri. It is also possible she is in an unknown unmarked grave.

Memorials, Tributes and Awards

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The song which inspired the inscription on the memorial bench.

There are many recordings on YouTube of Rifkin performing the music of Scott Joplin. Also, check out the wonderful recordings by Richard Dowling.

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The Entertainer, as used in the movie “The Sting.”

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Scott Joplin State Historic Site

Photos courtesy of Scott Joplin International Ragtime Festival, Sedalia, Missouri.

Photos courtesy of Regional Music Heritage Center, Texarkana.

First Day Cover (Personal Collection)

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To share your ideas and support for this historic building, contact The Regional Music Heritage Center. Email:

The Story of the Crush Collision

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This is a recreation of the Crash by Crush Collision produced by the Travel Channel.

“The Crush Collision March”

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Here is Richard Dowling performing “The Crush Collision March” by Scott Joplin.

Maple Leaf Rag

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This 1906 recording, played by the United States Marine Corps Band, is believed to the the oldest known recording of “Maple Leaf Rag.” (May not play on some iDevices.)

The site of the Maple Leaf Club in Sedalia, Missouri, has been memorialized as a park.

 Photos courtesy of Megan Gautier.

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By the time Joplin made this 1916 piano roll recording, his performance showed the consequences of his failing health. (May not play on some iDevices.)


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Treemonisha, perfomed by the Houston Grand Opera in 1982.


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