All current “exhibits” (courses, mini-courses and lessons) are listed below. Some exhibits include videos. Although the videos are fascinating on their own, they are used to demonstrate specific topics presented in the printable lesson or are required to successfully complete one of the lesson projects.  Only the projects that need videos are listed.  The remainder of the project relies on content presented within the printed materials.

Scott Joplin, the Strenuous Life

This is the fascinating story of how Scott Joplin, the son of an emancipated slave, changed American music forever.

How Do Organ Pipes Work?

A pipe organ is really a collection of one-note whistles. Discover how all those pipes create such an enormous and beautiful sound.

The Notre Dame Cathedral Paris Pipe Organ

Here is the most updated information I have on the current status of the Grand Organ.

The Story of the Pipe Organ

Here’s the story of one of the oldest instruments known to mankind and, until relatively recently, the most complex machine.

The Features of the Pipe Organ

An introduction to the pipe organ console. The following video is needed to complete a project.

Project 2 Video

Additional Curated Pipe Organ Videos

1442, Rysum, Germany
1774, Italian Positive in Roccavione, Cuneo, Italy
Wonderful overview (or review!)
Hand pumped bellows
Wind chest