Scott Joplin, composer of “The Entertainer” and “The Maple Leaf Rag,” was the King of Ragtime. Yet, when he died in 1917 at about age 49, he was nearly forgotten. His remarkable biography is told in the style of a graphic novel, with colorful storyboards filled with facts, fun, and links to bonus materials.

“…the most important educational work on a composer who has been badly underrepresented…”

David A. Mallette, Director of Operations, Regional Music Heritage Center, Texarkana AR/TX

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Discover the remarkable people and events that have made important contributions to the culture and heritage of the United States. Each episode is comprised of three independent but parallel parts.

  1. Meticulously researched, History Quick Storyboards combine colorful cartoons with historic photos and engaging prose to tell a story, then pile on the fun facts in a way your students will remember.
  2. History Quick Explore is an eBook containing a curated collection of additional resources, many primary source materials, to give students the opportunity to dig deep, or simply be amazed. (Way more fun than a textbook!)
  3. History Quick Printable Activities include a variety of activities to “Show What You Know” using writing, acting, art, and other forms of expression to accommodate a wide range of learning styles.

While all three components can stand-alone, the content strongly connects but does not repeat. Each brings something unique to your study of history. The BUNDLE provides the best value, but more importantly, the best learning environment.

Highly versatile, History Quick is enjoyed by students in 3rd grade and into high school, and by adults who enjoy learning new things, for the classroom, distance learning, and homeschool.

Pony Express tells the true story of remarkable men doing an amazing job under extraordinary circumstances.  Although it only lasted 18 months, the Pony Express has a significant role in the expansion of the Old West.

This a BUNDLE includes all three components of The Pony Express:  STORYBOARDS, EXPLORE (eBook), and PRINTABLE COMPANION ACTIVITIES.

 Stagecoach of the Old West separates the romance from the reality of what it was like to travel across the country in mid-to-late 1800s.

This BUNDLE includes all three components of The Stagecoach of the Old West, the STORYBOARDS, EXPLORE (eBook), and PRINTABLE COMPANION ACTIVITIES.

Samuel Morse. We all know he invented his famous code, but you may be surprised to find out the other ways he influenced the art and culture of America!

Explore how Samuel Morse developed the message system which bears his name, Morse Code. Examples of significant early transmissions in Morse Code are discussed. The Resource Roundup with this episode is a student favorite and includes 5 printable activities using Morse Code.

George Ferris was the civil engineer who dazzled everyone at the 1893 World’s Fair (Columbian Exposition) with his Ferris Wheel. Experience his life of success and sorrow through this unique and engaging presentation.

The Ferris Wheel was the star of the 1893 World’s Fair (Columbian Exposition). It was designed to “out Eiffel Eiffel” following the Eiffel tower debut of a few years earlier. The Ferris Wheel worked and was an engineering marvel. Discover how it was built…as well as its ultimate fate. This story may not end the way we want, but it is how it happened.

Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas met in a series of seven debates throughout Illinois in 1858. The fifth debate was exceptional. Lincoln was becoming more outspoken on his views against slavery. Learn more about this debate and the location where it took place in this free resource.


This bundle contains all 6 printable Scott Joplin units. These activites can standalone, but are ideal as companions to The Strenuous Life of Scott Joplin book.

Scott Joplin, composer of “The Entertainer” and “The Maple Leaf Rag,” was the King of Ragtime. Yet, when he died in 1917 at about age 49, he was nearly forgotten. Here are 3 printable activities to help frame the overview of this remarkable composer.

  • Biography notebook page
  • Word search featuring key words from Joplin’s life
  • Sheet music artwork design, featuring one of Joplin’s songs

Read more about The Strenuous Life of Scott Joplin here.

Scott Joplin, published his #1 hit, “The Maple Leaf Rag,” in 1899. In these three activities, you will learn more about this famous song.

  • Crossword puzzle
  • How Many Words puzzle
  • Making a Living as a Musician in 1899

Read more about The Strenuous Life of Scott Joplin here.

Scott Joplin wrote “The Crush Collision March” shortly after an intentional crash of two massive locomotives. (It was a publicity stunt that went very wrong!) There are three activities about the Crush Collision.

  • Unscramble (vocabulary words)
  • Morse Code puzzle (as used by the railroad)
  • Design a cover for the sheet music

Read more about The Strenuous Life of Scott Joplin  here.

Scott Joplin often wrote music about things going on in the world, including politics. These activities feature how Mr. Joplin was influenced by Theodore Roosevelt and Booker T. Washington.

  • Writing prompt
  • Unscramble (vocabulary words)
  • Word Search

Read more about The Strenuous Life of Scott Joplin here.

Scott Joplin worked his entire life to write opera. His frustration and disappointment weighed heavy on his heart. The three activities for this unit are:

  • Poetry (based on the lyrics in his opera)
  • Crossword puzzle
  • Writing prompt (making difficult choices)

Read more about The Strenuous Life of Scott Joplin here.

When Scott Joplin died, he was mostly forgotten. In the years after his passing, his music has reached great popularity. His creative genius has been acknowledged in many unique ways. The three activities for this unit are:

  • Timeline
  • Word search (with a hidden message)
  • Build a memorial

Read more about The Strenuous Life of Scott Joplin here.

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Comment Cards for Recitals

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