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In this eBook, you will discover the heartwarming story of why Lincoln decided to grow a beard, and what others thought about the idea. With the included activities, Educator Resources and Answer Key, this makes a fun mini-topic study.

Like all Maestro Heights eBooks, The Short Story of Mr. Lincoln Grows a Beard is suitable for readers with late elementary reading skills and above. (It also makes a fun read-aloud book for everyone!) To receive your gift, click on the image and be sure to use the code hsbash22 at checkout.

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From our readers:

It is a lot of fun receiving a new unit all prepared and ready to be explored each month. ~Amy

Maestro Heights is charmingly brilliant! Beautifully illustrated ebook with curated video &  photographs to dig deeper. Plus activities to go along with it all! ~Deven

The historical graphics support each section of the eBook and really draws the reader into each topic…Includes several activities to support student learning as well as additional resource links and teacher tools that enhances both the learner’s and teacher’s experience. ~Susan

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