Adventure Packs

Flowcharts and resource pages teach the basics of U.S. copyright for middle school and up, including product creators. Printable charts make reference fun and easy. Ideal for writing reports or research projects, but also for those of any age wishing to create in other media, such as printables, film, or crafts. No “pencil work” in this one, but you will refer to the material over and over again.

Frame current events with a historical perspective of the impeachment process. This is a non-partisan look at impeachment that highlights the vocabulary of impeachment, a look back at how impeachment has been used in US history, and a look at the steps that must be taken for impeachment and conviction. This product will be updated as current events warrant.

Contents include:
First, Some Definitions
What Does the US Constitution Say?
The House of Representatives
The Senate
Jumbled Timeline (activity)
Historic Background
Questions to Consider (activity)
Impeachments in US History
Impeachments By the Numbers (activity)
Notes to Educators, Answer Key, and Resource