2022 Holiday Hoopla is HERE!

Greetings! We’re so glad you are here. We love a good celebration and find great joy in the major holidays. But there are a lot of lesser known national celebrations that will most definitely brighten your days. We’re highlighting just a few to get you started.

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Let’s explore some fun stories in United States history!

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National Historic Marker Day, last Friday in April

While each marker tells an important story, the markers themselves that a surprising story, too.

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Take a look at these great ideas for more special days to celebrate!

National Ferris Wheel Day, February 14

The designer of the Ferris Wheel, George W. G. Ferris, Jr., was born on February 14. We can celebrate his birthday while learning a little about his engineering marvel!

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National Apple Pie Day, May 13

So, you will need to have some apples to make that apple pie! Here’s the story of apples in America BEFORE Johnny Appleseed! There are a lot of great “apple” units for preschool and young kids. but older kids will enjoy getting in the fun, too. For late elementary/middle school and up.

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