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The Story of How the Daughters of Liberty Used the Spinning Wheel

It was the 1770s, and the Daughters of Liberty were determined to make their political viewpoints clearly understood. With this History Heights eBook, you will discover what they did and how they did it.

There’s a lot in here! The main story is cleverly presented using colorful storyboards. Videos demonstrate the spinning wheel and how to use a drop spindle. A variety of activities, including writing and role-playing, encourage insights and spark discussion on how to engage with people of differing viewpoints. Extra resource pages provide more ways the spinning wheel has become a part of our culture through literature and music. And of course, detailed notes for the educator and answer key are included. Be sure to watch the video preview for a peak inside!

This eBook:
*incorporates several educational disciplines in one topic
*is easily adapted to students of different ages and abilities. Makes a great read-aloud story!
*helps kids find fun in the stories of history
*has all the research and organization done for you
*contains multiple lessons and activities long enough to cover the topic, but short enough to hold student interest
*requires little or no teacher supervision (but teachers enjoy the activities, too!)

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