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The Fifth Lincoln-Douglas Debate

In 1858, the race for the Illinois seat of the United States Senate was between Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas. They held a series of seven debates throughout the state, but the fifth one is considered by many scholars to be the turning point in Lincoln’s political career. Using a combination of colorful storyboards, along with photographs and newspaper clippings as primary source materials, and engaging activities, your students will learn about the event itself and the surprising ways the debates have been commemorated since then.

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Here’s the course outline. Each of the six chapters is typically completed in about an hour or less.

Chapter 1 Setting the Scene

1.1 Lesson

1.2 What is a debate, anyway?

1.3 Quick Quiz 1

Chapter 2 A Slight Change In Plans

2.1 Lesson

2.2 Two Videos To Watch

2.3 Quick Quiz 2

Chapter 3 The Debate

3.1 Lesson

3.2 Vocabulary Builder

3.3 Quick Quiz

Chapter 4 As Reported In the Newspaper

4.1 Article 1

4.2 Article 2

4.3 Quick Quiz

Chapter 5 The Debate Site

5.1 Lesson

5.2 I Wonder

5.3 Commemorations in the 1800s

5.4 Quick Quiz

Chapter 6 More Commemorations

6.1 More Commemorations

6.2 Let’s Plan a Celebration

6.3 Quick Quiz

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