Let’s Ride with the Pony Express!

We have an exciting ONLINE event coming to History Quick! Here’s what you need to do to participate:

Every year, the National Pony Express Association sponsors a “Re-Ride” of the original pony express route. We were going to follow along beginning August 26, 2020, BUT like many things this year, the Re-Ride was cancelled for the safety of all concerned. Their Re-Ride will resume in 2021, but for now, we our Re-Ride will still take place as a virtual Re-Ride!

The online event is based on the History Quick Bundle The Pony Express. There is no additional charge for the 10 days of bonus activities. These daily quests will walk you through every page and activity of the bundle, plus bonus activities including facebook ‘live’ events. You will need to purchase History Quick: The Pony Express Bundle.

There is one more file (a cover page and unit checklist) available for free. You may download and print it, or view it.

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