Let’s Ride with the Pony Express!

We have an exciting ONLINE event coming to History Quick! Here’s what you need to do to participate:

STEP 1: Every year, the National Pony Express Association sponsors a “re-ride” of the original pony express route. We are going to follow along as they begin their ride on August 26 — BUT here is the super cool part: they will carry a commemorative letter OR your personal letter by horseback from Sacramento, CA, to St. Joseph, MO. It will receive a special postmark and then delivered to you by USPS. How cool is this?!?! Imagine the excitement when the letter arrives at your house! Deadline this year has been extended to July 15, so contact them NOW. Go ahead – do it NOW. I’ll wait. Here is the link to the signup. Getting a letter is OPTIONAL to our online event, but imagine the thrill your student will experience when their letter arrives. History comes alive!!

STEP 2: Our online event is based on the History Quick Bundle The Pony Express. There is no additional charge for the ***10 days*** of bonus activities. These daily quests will walk you through every page and activity of the bundle, plus bonus activities including facebook ‘live’ events. You will need to purchase History Quick: The Pony Express Bundle (link below).

The Pony Express tells the true story of remarkable men doing an amazing job under extraordinary circumstances.  Although it only lasted 18 months, the Pony Express has a significant role in the expansion of the Old West.

This a BUNDLE includes all three components of The Pony Express:  STORYBOARDS, EXPLORE (eBook), and PRINTABLE COMPANION ACTIVITIES.

STEP 3: Go to History Quick QUEST private facebook page and join. All of our daily quests will be there.

SO excited to have YOU with us! Let’s RIDE!