Recital Comment Cards

Preparing for a recital is a lot of hard work. Performing can be downright scary. Hearing an audience respond to a performance with smiles and applause is incredibly important and reassuring…and fleeting.

For many students (and sometimes professionals, too!) the moments following a performance, no matter how successful, are not about basking in the glory of a song well-performed. It’s about getting off the stage, returning to some place of relative comfort, and remembering to breathe again.

I can tell you that after my performances as a child, the first thing I asked my parents was “how did I do?” Sure, I had some sense of whether or not I was pleased with how things went but doubts remained on how everyone else heard it. I needed reassurance. There is no way to count how many recitals, performances and concerts I have played through the years. Memories of them, for the most part, run together. (Maybe someday I should share some of the more memorable moments. Or not.) I wish I had a way to document reactions to any of those early recitals and performances.

Enter Comment Cards.

At a recital a few years ago, some leftover comment cards turned into a happy surprise for me. I was thrilled, and look, I kept them!

Here’s the idea: Each person (or family) writes some positive, affirming reactions about a performance on a supplied slip of paper. The paper cards are collected, sorted, and each student is given their cards in a plastic page. Then, that page goes in the student’s lesson binder as a permanent reminder (keepsake!) of the job well done.

Is it a challenge to write something for everyone? Sure it is. But that is part of the deal. It’s all about community and showing love, folks. Watch your kids beam as they tell you about their cards. Everyone needs the opportunity to enjoy their cards, and that can only happen if you fill one out for each and every performer.

In the Maestro Heights Store, there is a link to a free printable PDF with an instruction page and sample sheet of comment cards. The link to the Store is here.

Thanks for the important role you play in nurturing music in all of our young people.