I Did It!

After a lot of talk about doing it, I finally buckled down and got it started. I know, it’s just a baby step. I have a long way to go on this journey. But the point is, I started working towards a goal.

Those of you who are taking music lessons from me know that for a couple of years now, I have been developing a music curriculum using cartoon-style storyboards. Feedback from the kids (well, and adults, too!) has been pretty impressive and I have been encouraged to not only continue, but to expand.

So what did I finally do? I opened up a store in TeachersPayTeachers! All of the characters in Maestro Heights will soon be available for everyone to enjoy.

Remember the old TV show, “Lost In Space?” I loved that show, even though every episode ended with a cliffhanger. Maestro Heights is going to be like that for awhile. Enjoy each episode as it is made available, and stay tuned for our next adventure!

Here are the first two “episodes”.

Welcome to the Music Room!

Keyboard Layout

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