Unlocking the Mind

I recently enrolled in a writing/blogging challenge.  Today’s assignment was to free write for 20 minutes.  I smiled (rather smugly) to myself, and bopped on over to my site to add my writing for the day.  Then, it happened.  Writer’s block.  I typed the title just fine. No problem.  But then the little cursor just kept winking at me, and didn’t move.  Seconds.  Minutes.

This is getting embarrassing.  Believe me, I am not known for being one of those quiet types of few words.  More winking cursor. More minutes.

Why was I stumbling when asked to unlock my mind and write, yet I ask all of my students to unlock their minds every week?  You see, I teach music (piano, voice, organ and theory).  Every week, I meet with students in my studio, or in a classroom or through Skype.  I strive to encourage those people, young and old, to get out of their comfort zone and learn a new skill.  I ask them to trust that everything I want them to try, I fully believe they are capable of doing.  I want them to succeed wildly.  I hope and pray each one will experience the absolute joy of making music.  Sure, like all teachers, I would love to have students who are ‘rising stars’.  But much more than that, I want to help people play the birthday song at family gatherings, and be able to play carols as friends gather at Christmas, and show people how to use music to convey feelings when words fail.  I want to help people make music a part of their lives.  And how does this happen?

It happens by unlocking the mind.  It is too easy to accept the life limitations imposed on us by others or even ourselves. You want to learn to play music?  Then DO IT!   I stumbled with the writing assignment because of my attitude that it would be easy, an attitude more deadly than thinking the assignment would be difficult.   This is a good reminder for me:  Be open.  Be quiet.  Be gentle.  Unlock your mind and listen to your heart.   Your heart is where dreams and possibilities live.

Now, let’s get to work turning possibilities into realities.

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