Time to Chime


It’s been awhile since I have had the honor of being a director of a handbell or chime choir.  Last spring, I  was a ‘guest director’ for a marvelous group of ringers from First United Methodist Church in Ottumwa, IA.  My time with them was short — one song performed in two locations — but reminded me of all that is best about ringing.  A few weeks later, I performed a solo ring, accompanied by one of the members of that church.  I was very thankful (and somewhat surprised) that my ‘muscle memory’ worked as well as it did.  As it turned out,  however, just as I was getting back into ringing, I moved to another state.

Two months after the official move to Galesburg, IL, I now have multiple part-time jobs, all of them firmly rated as AWESOME.  I serve Central Congregational Church as their Director of Music.  I teach general ed music and choir for middle and high schoolers at Galesburg Christian School.  From time to time I play the organ for the fine folks at Grace Episcopal Church.  I teach private lessons in piano, voice, organ and theory.

A few short months ago,  I was not a part of a handbell/chime program, and could see no way that I would ever be possible for me to be involved with bells again.  As of this week, I now have TWO chime programs, one at Central Congregational, and one at Galesburg Christian School.  I am blessed beyond measure!  It’s time to chime.  Let the merriment begin!

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