Home is where…my organ and piano are!

Do you recall the moment when your  house first felt like home? Some people have told me it was when they put pictures on the walls.  Maybe the house-to-home transformation happened for you after you  spent your first night, cooked your first meal, unpacked the last box (unless, of course, you still have boxes to unpack…that’s a whole other topic…).  Perhaps it was when you signed the mortgage, or were handed the key.   While all of those things are important,  for me home is where my piano and organ are located.  And as of this Friday, they will be located in Galesburg.  Big day, big move, big dreams coming true.  Baby, I’m comin’ home!

I will begin teaching private music lessons in Galesburg the first week of June. . If you or someone you know is interested in lessons, give me a call.  Let’s make music happen!

2 thoughts on “Home is where…my organ and piano are!

    • We still have our cute house in Ottumwa for sale, but are moving some furniture and all music stuff to Galesburg. I will continue to teach and work in Ottumwa 3 days a week, and in Galesburg the remainder of the week.


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